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Ch. Paxon's Lucky Charm O'Rockwell

Ch. Paxon's As Good As It Gets

Ch. Paxon's R.S.V.P

Ch. Paxon's If  Looks Could Kill

Ch. Paxon’s Mischievous

  Ch. Paxon's Majestic Thane O'Cawdor

Ch. Paxon's Spin To Win



Since our 1999 update,
8 new Paxon champions have emerged. Most of these were sired by "Tetley", Ch. Kitehawk’s Black Tie Affair, who ranked in the top five KBT dogs in the US for the three years he was shown. These were the highlights of the past two years and here’s how it happened.

In September of 1999, Ch. Paxon's R.S.V.P., "Ellie," earned her final championship points. This specialty winning bitch was the 11th champion produced by Ch. Paxon's I'm A Little Wild. Specialty point winner and Champion sire Paxon's As Good As It Gets, "Trevor" also finished that month at one year of age, making him the 53rd Champion in the Paxon line.

Days later, in October 1999, it was "Gracie," Paxon's Spin To Win, who made it to the finish. Included in her credentials was an early sweepstakes win. Later, a National Sweepstakes winner, Paxon's Lucky Charm O'Rockwell, "Shamrock" became our 59th champion overall in June, 2001. This "Tetley" offspring is also a specialty point winner and champion sire. Sandwiched between "Gracie" and "Shamrock" were the championships of the following Kerries, all outstanding representatives of the breed: Ch. Paxon's Majestic Thane O' Cawdor; Ch. Paxon's Jewel of Ireland; the owner handled Ch. Paxon's Jorkate Kori, who won Best of Breed and Group Placements during quest for her championship; and Ch. Paxon's Blue Diamond, who finished at one year of age.

"Tetley," our permanent resident Kerry, is a cornerstone dog for Paxon. His multiple group wins and his top five US Kerry Blue Terrier ranking for three consecutive years are only part of the story. "Tetley," sired most of the new champions listed above. He has now sired over twenty champion Kerries including three of the top KBT bitches in the US in 2000. Not only is "Tetley" a major contributor to the Paxon Family gene pool, he holds an even bigger place in our hearts.

"Teddy," Ch. Paxon's Rough Rider, another important dog in the Paxon line and still an active sire, became a Veteran Specialty Winner in 1999. At the same Specialty event held two years later, Paxon pulled a "hat trick" of three big wins. The string began with a Best in Sweepstakes win for "Tootsie", Paxon’s Life of the Party, who also went Reserve Winner’s Bitch. Then Paxon’s Lucky Charm O’Rockwell, went Best of Winners for the second wicket and "Ajax", Ch. Paxon’s Irish Tenor completed the "hat trick" by taking the Breed. All sired by "Tetley".

The future is in the hands (or paws) of our pups. Among these is 6 ½ month old "Rascal", Paxon's If  Looks Could Kill, who in his first three shows became a major pointed Best of Breed in his first show and Best of Breed in his second show. Paxon's Life of the Party, a ten-month-old, became major pointed in her second show, and Paxon's Sparklin' Fire Cracker is a major pointed Sweepstakes winner sired by "Ajax". Our future crop also includes the Grandson of both "Tetley" and "Teddy", four point major winner Paxon’s Mischievous and the pointed Paxon's Blue Denim Dancer, who from frozen semen, is the son of an important part of our past, Ch. Paxon's Dancer's Image.









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