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**January News**



**January, Feb. March & April News**

Our puppies have all gone to their new homes & we stayed home from shows to care for them


** May News**

Back to some dog shows:

On Long Island, May 19-21st   GCh. Paxon's Turning Heads at Kastlekove, "Jesse"   is BOB all 3 days & a Group 2!!!

Paxon's Fashionista, "Tyra" is WB,BOS on the 19th. Now looking for majors.

UKC CH Paxon's Lady Sapphire Lakeland Jewel, "Phelan" is WB,BOS  at the Empire KBTC's Supported entry

2 puppies made their debuts this weekend:

Paxon's Archimedes, "Archie", & Paxon's My Kind of Krazy at Kastlekove, "Jordan"

"Archie" was WD on the 19th & "Jordan" was WB, BW,BOS on the 21st. Congratulations to their owners....the Powers for "Archie" and Michelle Grant & Joanne Reppert for "Jordan"



** Sept. / Oct News**

After taking the Summer off our dogs came out to show again this Fall.....AND, were very successful!!!!

Paxon's Take it Tiger Lilly, "Lilly", makes her debut at 6 months old & wins a major at her very 1st show!! Owners Jane & Jeff could not be prouder!

The following day our Paxon's Fashionista, "Tyra", wins the major, now just needing a major to finish.

At Tuxedo Park KC "Jesse", GCh. Paxon's Turning Heads at Kastlekove, is awarded Best of Breed!!!


"Phelan", doing some nice winning in New England & several UKC shows heads down to Long Island & is WB, BW at the Suffolk KC (show1) for a 4 point Major & repeats the win the next day with a WB,BW, BOB & wins the Owner Handler Group & completes her AKC Championship!!!

Empire KBTC Specialty...Oct 1st...

Best in Sweeps........................Paxon's Take it Tiger Lilly "Lilly" 

Best Opposite in Sweeps......Paxon's Archimedes, "Archie" 

Best of Breed.................New Ch. Paxon's Lady Sapphire Lakeland Jewel, "Phelan" 

Best of Opposite.....................GCh. Paxon's Turning Heads at Kastlekove, "Jesse" 

WB.....................................New Ch. Paxon's Fashionista, "Tyra" 

Empire KBTC Supported entry Oct.1st

WB.......Paxon's Take it Tiger Lilly, "Lilly"........
her 2nd major (4 points) at just 7 months old!!!



"Phelan" & "Tyra" make it champions # 112 & 113 for PAXON!!!!



** Nov. News**

"Phelan" heads to Philadelphia and wins BOB & Owner Handler Gr.1 !!!!!


"Jordan" does well in Philadelphia winning WB,BW, & BOS over Specials for a MAJOR!!!!






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