PAXON'S 2018
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**January News**



**March News**

In Edison NJ the weekend of March 23, 2018 the Philadelphia KBTC held their Specialty & Supported entry shows & we are proud of our youngsters wins that weekend!!!

On the 23rd  Paxon's Blues in A Minor, Ciaran, was WD, BW for a 4 point major!!! Congratulations to his owners Christopher & Vanessa Flowers!!!

On the 24th Paxon's Take It Tiger Lilly, "Lilly", wins her 2nd Specialty Sweepstakes!!

A little later Paxon's Million Dollar Baby, "M'Elle", is WB for a 4 point major & "Jordan", Paxon's My Kind of Krazy at Kastlekove is RWB!!!

Paxon's Effervescent, "Bubbles", was jumping for joy when she won her 12 -18 month class at 2 of the shows!!!



**May News**

 At the Long Island shows:
 Friday, Paxon's Million Dollar Baby, "M'Elle",  is awarded BOB over 2 specials for her 2nd 4 point major!!!

 Saturday, Paxon's Blues in A Minor, "Ciaran",  is BW for his 2nd major & Paxon's My Kind of Krazy at Kastlecove, "Jordan",  is WB for her 2nd major!!!

Sunday, Paxon's Blues in A Minor is awarded BW for his 3rd major and his Championship!!!!
 Jordan also repeats her win of the previous day for her 3rd major!!


"Ciaran" is the 114th champion for PAXON



**Sept. News**

"Bubbles", Paxon's Effervescence, goes WB,BOS at 2 shows for 2 majors!!!! a 3 & a 4 pointer (on a Specialty weekend), now just a few single points from her Championship!!!

On the same weekend "Augie", Paxon's Shenanigans, wins 2, 4 point majors and is now just 2 single points from his title!!!

Topping off the weekend we have a new Champion!!! new Ch. Paxon's Million Dollar Baby, "M'Elle", finishes with her 3rd 4 point major!!!


"M'Elle" makes the 115th Champion for PAXON!!!!






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