PAXON'S 2019
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**January News**



**March News**

In Edison NJ the Philadelphia KBTC held their Specialty & we are so proud of   "Jordan", Paxon's My Kind of Krazy at Kastlekove!!! "Jordan" earned her Championship by going WB, BW & BOS over a Special for her 4th major (a 5 pointer!!)

Congratulations to her owners Michelle & Joanne!!!


"Jordan" is our 116th Champion!!!!




**May News**

 At the Long Island shows:

 Friday:  Paxon's Shenanigans, "Augie" is awarded WD and his 1/2 sister Paxon's Effervescent, "Bubbles" is WB, BW!!!

 Saturday: "Bubbles" is awarded WB, BW and "Augie" is awarded RWD

Sunday:  "Augie" is awarded WD and completes his Championship!!!!

is awarded WB, BW and completes her Championship!!!!

Congratulations to "Augie's" owners Mark & Eva!!!!!!!!


New Champions Paxon's Shenanigans
 & Paxon's Effervescent are the
117th & 118th Champions for PAXON




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